Portrait of My Dead Brother Poster 25x38 in

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Salvador Dali's 'Portrait of My Dead Brother' (1963) refers to one of the essential stories in his life, his relationship with his dead brother. While Salvador was named after his father, he also shared this name with his brother who died at 22 months of age, just nine months prior to the artist's birth. Dali referred to this situation as the fundamental problem in his life. He felt that his parents wanted him to be a replacement for his dead brother, leading him to cultivate eccentric behavior to prove that he was different.

The model for the brother appears to be unusually old for a 22 month old boy, as if he continued to grow after death. The way Dali painted him resembles a blown-up photograph, with the large dots resembling the Ben Day dots used in print reproduction.

Poster measures 25 inches by 38 inches, including the text and borders.

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