Dali & Schiaparelli Exhibit Catalog paperback

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'Dali & Schiaparelli' Exhibit Catalog, paperback edition, captures the innovative and stunning designs of the two artists featured in our 'Dali & Schiaparelli in Daring Fashion' official Exhibit Catalog. Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali brought together Surrealism and fashion, setting the world ablaze. Schiaparelli created such surrealist-inspired works as her Butterfly Dress and Shocking perfume. They collaborated on astonishing designs including the Lobster Dress, Shoe Hat and Tear Dress. The surrealist lips icon features prominently in both of their work, from Dalí's Ruby Lips pin and Mae West Lips Sofa to Schiaparelli's Suit Embroidered with Lips and shocking pink lipstick. Many contemporary designers continue to draw inspiration from Dali's and Schiaparelli's innovations today. With essays by Dilys Blum, Curator of Costume and Textiles for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dali Museum Curator of Exhibitions William Jeffett, Dali Museum Director Hank Hine, and exhibition consultant John William Barger III. Paperback, 275 pages, measures approximately 14 x 11.5 inches.

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