Nature Morte Vivante T Shirt - Unisex in White

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100% cotton white T-Shirt featuring Dali's amazing piece, 'Nature Morte Vivante.'

Salvador Dali's 'Nature Morte Vivante (Still-life-Fast Moving)' 1956 is a monumental work by the master. This painting is a post-atomic variation on Floris Van Schooten's 'Table with Food' (1617) featured in the Prado Museum Collection. Dali employed this method throughout the 1950's and 60's when he reduced the composition into smaller particles that float and rotate in space. Dali explains that, 'one can observe the dynamic and irrational dividing of a fruit dish following the coefficients of uncertainty of Heisenberg in opposition to the positive security which cubist pictures once tried to offer us.' This division and spatial separation of objects is emphasized by his paradoxical word play of 'still-life - fast moving.' Dali's interest in modern physics leads to the notion that our perception of the world is radically different from that of pre-atomic era modernist artists.

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