The Art Book: New Edition Mini Paperback

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The Art Book Mini presents a whole new way of looking at art. Easy to use, informative and fun, it's an A to Z guide to the greatest painters, photographers, and sculptors from medieval times to the present day. It debunks art-historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples from all periods, schools, visions, and techniques. Only here could Carracci be seen alongside Cartier-Bresson, Duccio be found beside Duchamp, Mondrian be considered with Monet, or Warhol contrasted with Waterhouse. Each artist is represented by a full page illustration of an exemplary work, accompanied by an illuminating text on the piece and its creator. The entries are comprehensively cross-referenced and glossaries of artistic movements and technical terms are included, together with an international directory of galleries and museums to visit. By breaking with traditional classifications, The Art Book presents a fresh approach to art: an unparalleled visual sourcebook and a celebration of our rich and multi-faceted culture. Paperback, 600 pages, Phaidon Press. Measures approximately 5 by 6 inches.

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