The Posthuman Dada Guide

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'The Posthuman Dada Guide' is an impractical handbook for practical living in our posthuman world - all by way of examining the imagined 1916 chess game between Tristan Tzara, the daddy of Dada, and V.I. Lenin, the daddy of communism. This epic game at Zurich's Cafe de la Terrasse - a battle between radical visions of art and ideological revolution - lasted for a century and may still be going on, although communism appears dead and Dada stronger than ever. As the poet faces the future mass murderer over the chessboard, neither realizes that they are playing for the world. Taking the match as metaphor for two poles of twentieth and twenty first century thought, politics and life, Andrei Codrescu has created his own brilliantly Dadaesque guide to Dada - and to what it can teach us about surviving our ultraconnected present and future. Paperback, 235 pages, Andrei Codrescu Author, Princeton Press.

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